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Crypto Mining Rigs

Money doesn’t grow on trees, you mine it! We make buying a rig easy and provide professional crypto mining consultations. So you can start your farm today and start generating passive income 24/7 with high yield, fast ROI pre-built crypto mining rigs. No experience is necessary, we’ll set everything up. All you need to do is plug in, turn on and sit and watch your investment grow.


Powerful Crypto Mining Rigs

Experience Needed
Day Delivery

Why Choose Crypto Mining Rigs

Energy Effiencient

Each mining rig is self contained, looks after it's own cooling, self regulates and uses less energy than ASIC's. Why not couple with our 100% renewable energy hosting energy service?

Fast Build Time

We have spent time cultivating strong supply lines, meaning we can get our hands on the cream of the crop of crypto-mining components. You deserve the best.

Plug & Play

Experience true plug & play cryptocurrency mining. Even with zero experience, we guide you through e-wallet setup, linking your rigs and how to cash out your earnings.

Live Remote Monitoring

As simple as opening an app and watching your rig go to work. We get you set up on the worlds leading crypto mining software and teach you how you can use it to monitor your investment performance.

Backed by Xune

Based in God's own county, Yorkshire. Xune Ltd is a technology and solutions company with a mission to help as many people as possible make money online. Let me hear you say "Money printer go Brrrr!"

Quality Assured

Why settle for open-air rigs? Instead, choose proven stability, superior cooling and lower risk of damaging your precious crypto mining rigs. Host your rigs with us for even more security.

Start Earning Straight Away

All our crypto mining rigs are built to order, with no previous mining other than testing. Each rig is quality checked for stability, build quality & hashrate before being shipped to you safely via express delivery. Plug & play setup is included with every rig purchased.


Money doesn't grow on trees, you mine it!

✔️ Fully Enclosed GPU Crypto Mining Rigs

✔️ Plug & Play, Zero Experience Required

✔️ Maximum Efficiency & Superior Profitability

✔️ Easily Track Performance From Your Smart Phone

✔️ Earn Passive Income 24/7, Cash Out Your Funds Easily

Our Product Guide

Discover our range of super rigs, using the latest top-end GPU's.